Sectoral Workshops - Social Justice and Empowerment | Nava Karnataka 2025
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Sectoral Workshops - Social Justice and Empowerment



Objective of the Workshop

The objective of the Sectoral Workshop was to bring together the various representatives in the Social Justice and Empowerment Sector and have them deliberate on the key sectoral challenges, the possible solutions and what could be the key sectoral Vision for 2025.

Time & Date         : 10:30 – 16:35 Hours, 27th September, 2017
Venue                   :  JW Marriot, Bangalore
Mode of Meeting :  Focused
Anchored By       :  Institute for Social and Economic Change


The theme wise vision and key strategic steps are as follows


  • Job and wage discrimination should be removed from every place.
  • All sorts of systematic forces and processes working towards their exclusion to be removed.
  • SC/STs to have rightful share in the political power
  • Adequate representations in service across all the cadre is required.
  • Should have say in policy making.
  • There should be a study conducted to assess the impact of INR 44k crores spent on them and see what worked and what did not work.
  • Every student from 8th standard onward should be mandated to do all sorts of work to change the mindset towards dignity of labour
  • The variable charges of 1.5 percent for getting the loan should be removed
  • The mandatory condition of undertaking SSLC exam should be removed.
  • Skill Development Centre at district level have been proposed.
  • KSFC- Working capital should be given for 2nd and 3rd tranche also.
  • Rural property should be considered as collateral other than just using it for business purpose
  • Every department should be represented by SC/ST.
  • Each department should have R&D funds to foster scientific temper
  • Use of technology for manual scavenging
  • SC/STs representation in education institutions such as IIMs is not good (Medical and Technical)
  • Skill Development of SC/STs is important as they have been deprived of education
  • School timings should be flexible to accommodate the requirement of harvesting season.
  • Agriculture should be taught in the school as currently, it is being looked down upon.
  • Dr. B.R Ambedkar’s thought –Adequate space to be given to them in the higher education


  • Vision is to empower every woman socially, politically and economically by 2025 so that she faces no discrimination and no safety issues and contributes to nation building.
  • Women issues need greater thrust factor to overcome the double disadvantage- gender and caste discrimination
  • We need to think what benefits or comfort could be provided.
  • Women reservation should happen at all the major places at the earliest. 33 percent reservation should be there
  • Dalit women suffer from atrocities and untouchability
  • Every boy should learn to cook- should become as mandatory.
  • Economic empowerment should be given
  • Gender sensitization from an early age for all kids
  • Gender finance should be promoted and universalized.
  • Government schemes should focus on the challenges faced by women
  • 50 percent of the police personnel should be women.
  • Only 5 percent is the gap in literacy so it is catching up.
  • Sachar Committee report- special problems of the minorities should be addressed


  • Budget allocation should be utilized
  • Proper check and balance should be in place.
  • Evaluation should happen and social audit is required
  • Backward linkages- Education, livelihood, Health care across all the levels.
  • Study should be conducted to assess the impact of past government schemes.
  • Strengthen the crop insurance
  • Climate Change resilient cropping pattern should be promoted.
  • Native crops should be promoted
  • Diversified source of income to be promoted.

Disabled and Senior Citizens

  • Due to technology the life span of people has increased and at the same time, children are moving out of town to have better career opportunities. It is leading to insecurity in both rural and urban area. Therefore, issue of safety needs to be addressed.
  • At the same time, issue of migration should be addressed by promoting rural economy.
  • Medical and civil supply should be given to Municipal and local panchayat. They have been mandated but not functioning properly. Day to day care of senior citizens is required. It should be local subject.
  • Urban local bodies are not represented in the District Planning committee.  
  • Some private companies do not provide health insurance to people above 55. This should be addressed by regulating the insurance sector properly.
  • Infrastructure for senior and disabled citizens at least in the public places should be promoted.